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YouTube Tuesday | Is Being Plus Size OK?

We've all been part of the plus size media storm last week, everyone seemed to be talking about fat and the plus size industry.  I've written and re-written a blog post on my thoughts on it all and the social media movements with it, but after reading so many other posts that were much better written than I could put across I decided not to hit publish.  A couple of days drifted by and I still felt that I wanted to say something, so I took the camera out, sat down and just splurted at the camera.  
Editing down an hour and a half's footage is tough work...

So, here's my view on it all and how I feel about being a plus sized person in society.  I'm encouraging debate on the channel so I'd love to hear your views.  Click here to be taken to the video or hit play on the embedded video below!

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