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My Top 5 YouTube Channels To Watch

Around a year ago I did a list of my top five YouTubers after a few requests on twitter asking for some people to follow online, you can read that post here.  As time as moved on I've discovered more vloggers and my tastes have changed as I've grown my own YouTube channel - so I thought it was only the next evolutionary move to update my top 5 channels!
If you've only just started to watch videos online more frequently then hopefully this will give you a few starting points to surf from, I found some of my favourite bloggers through just surfing through the 'What To Watch' page and exploring the site so don't be afraid to click around!
I've deliberately chosen not to include the top channels (sorry Zoella) purely because they are so well known and you're probably already watching those - however, do check out the top YouTuber's second channels, sometimes I prefer those to the main channel.  Hope you enjoy my picks!

Oli White

Oli's channel includes challenges, surprises and glimpses into family life with his adopted younger brother James.  The two are incredibly cute together and watching them having a good old giggle together brings a smile to my face.  Oli's close to his one million subscriber accolade so if you like this video then go show him some love over on his channel!

I'm a big lover of shopping haul videos on YouTube, they give me inspiration and pointers on sales - many, many purchases have been made off the back of these videos - so I absolutely adore Mikhila's video dedicated to her sprees and holidays.  I often pop on a video and jump in the bath, watching whilst soaking in my Lush bath bomb infused waters (which she told me to buy...)

Now, at the ripe age of 26 I genuinely thought I knew everything I needed to know about my vagina and was pretty clued up on sex... Think again.  Laci's channel is dedicated to educating people on sex, bodies and attitudes towards both.  She's extremely educational, engaging and warm - it's a haven of sexual education and I wish that the national curriculum included this channel on their sex education course.  Go, learn about penises (...peni? What is the plural of penis?!)

Jack is by far one of my favourite YouTubers, his dry sense of humour coupled with his intelligence make for extremely entertaining videos and I can spend hours just cruising through his channel re-watching videos.  Jack's a regular in the Sprinkle of Glitter videos and also has a show on Radio1 with friend Dean.  Click through if you love crisp humour and need a laugh!

Taza's channel doesn't have that many videos and she uploads sporadically, but when she does they are filled with love and edited to perfection.  Her videos are snaps of wholesome family life living in New York and kitsch locations, made with beautiful video footage.  I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching her videos and start planning my trips abroad immediately upon completion...

Those are my updated top 5!  Who are your favourite YouTubers?

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