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Good Friday, Good Stuff | Plus Size Spring Wishlist

I don't know about you guys but I've had nothing but rain and drizzle in the Midlands today, I'm longing for brighter and slightly warmer days so I can crack out my Spring/Summer wardrobe but the English weather is forcing me to hold onto those biker boots a little longer.  As I was unable to get out and do any blog photos because of the horrid weather all week (boo!) I spent a lot of time internet surfing and virtual window shopping to see what's dropping in this season across our favourite plus size brands.  Below are my top items available right now and on my lust list!

1- Acid Wash Jeans, Simply Be | 2 - Lemon Print Shorts, George at Asda | 3 - Tall/Petite Length Khaki Maxi Skirt, Simply Be | 4 - Floral Culottes, New Look | 5 - Girlfriend Jeans, H&M

I think culottes are going to come back with a vengeance this year after seeing the 90's revival last year dominating a lot of the fashion on the high street, and anything that stops the chub rub and has an elastictaed waist band is brill in my books.  I love these culottes from New Look (4) and think they'll be perfect for my upcoming Florida trip in the heat!  Wear them with a simple black top for a causal look or go bold with a print clash!
I'm a jeans girl through and through - they're my go to with an outfit and make me feel killer with a pair of heels.  I think these rather tasty distressed jeans from Simply Be (1) and H&M (5) are great staples for a laid back look in the summer, the loose fit on the girlfriend jeans will be a welcome factor in the Summer too!

1 - Tall/Petite Tile Print Dress, Simply Be | 2 - Chevron Maxi Dress, Eshakti  | 3 - Tall/Petite Folk Print Dress, Simply Be | 4 - Bicycle Dress, Eshakti

Dresses are always a bit of a problematic item for me, being taller means that whilst I dream of maxi dresses and knee length tea dresses the reality is I end up with either a dress that's half way up my leg or (worse still) giving an all you can see flash show to the neighbours.  On my usual search online I stumbled upon eshakti, an American brand that makes dresses to your size and height.  Oh, my actual, gosh.  I spent hours going throughout their website and managed to whittle my top two down to the chevron maxi dress (2) and the super bicycle dress (4).
Only downside?  They don't ship to the UK.  So if you want them you're either going to have to fork out for half way service to get an American postal address or starting making transatlantic chums on twitter.


1 - Run DMC Top, Asda | 2 - Chiffon Top, Yours Clothing | 3 - Boho Tunic, New Look | 4 - Astec Hanky Top, New Look | 5 - Colour Block Hanky Top, New Look

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I like a hanky hem.  STRIKE ME NOW BLOGGING GODS!
I like the way it falls on my body, it's loose whilst it also defines my shape - it comfortable and in the heat this is generally all I care about.  Heat is not my friend and I turn into a grumpy, bothered mess when it gets scorchio (not in a sweaty, super stereotypical fatty way just like I've got permanent PMT).  I like these tops from New Look as a basic (4/5) to pair with distressed jeans and a pair of sandals for a cooler, more comfortable outfit in the warmer weather.  They do a million different colours so it's a cheaper way to change up your wardrobe and incorporate some trends too, I'll be going for some staple blacks and also the pastel colours...
I like me a good t-shirt too and this floral Run DMC top is calling out to me, I love the idea of pairing ith with a pair of culottes or skirt with a pair of converse for the day time or with my sweats at the gym for something a bit more up-chic than what I'm currently wearing.
Not bad prices this lot...

1 - Fringe Handbag, H&M | 2 - Straw Hat, H&M | 3 - Glitter Plimsolls, New Look | 4 - Aztec Layered Necklace, New Look | 5 - Orange Suedette Slingback Pumps, Evans

Finally, it's all about accessories at the start of the season - it's a cheap way to slowly buy your way into trends and you can start experiment to see if it's worth the investment.  I once bought a khaki scarf when the print was big news last year and hated it with a passion on!  Whilst that's £4 from Primark I didn't get back, it saved me cash on buying bigger wardrobe items which I may not have liked at all!
Anyhoo, digressing.  So, fringing is going to be huge again this year as the boho trend rears it's dreadlocked head into the festival season as it always does.  I'm going to dial into the trend with this fringed handbag in tan and pair it with some layered necklaces - I love these from H&M (1) and New Look (4).    Why not add that straw hat on too?
I've also purchased the white glitter plimsolls (3) within the last day, I kept clicking back into them online and as I had the cash I thought I'd dip in and treat myself.  Whilst we're saving as much as we can at the moment for our holiday I saw this was a justified purchase, as they are for said holiday (though, let's not talk about the 4 pairs of sunglasses and the orange waterfall jacket too, yeah?  James doesn't need to know that shit).

What's on your Spring wish list?  Any trends you're looking forward to buying?
Hopefully the weather will improve over the weekend!

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