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YouTube Tuesday | Shopping and Simply Be Store Day!

A couple of weeks back Simply Be got in touch and asked if we'd like to pop along to one of their stores to try out the new Kelly Brook range and have a bit of a dressing up session.  Given the opportunity to prance around in pretty clothes and have a giggle in a seriously gorgeous changing room (like, seriously gorgeous) I of course said no.  No, of course I didn't - does the Pope live in Vatican City? Hello!
Nikki and I decided to spend the day together and make the most of our time in Merry Hill, popping into some shops, having lunch and a huge bundle of laughs.  I vlogged the day so that you'd get my first impressions of the range and get to see the store itself.  I have another blog post on route on the range itself but for now, hit this link to be taken to my YouTube channel or click play on the embedded video below!


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