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YouTube Tuesday | My Geek Box

This week's video is coming to you a tad late, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy it and the wait will be worth it!
Having tried out pretty much all the girly monthly boxes out there, when I was perusing the internet for something different I came across the Geek Box.  At £17.99 a month it promises an awesome t-shirt, a must read magazine and an amazing array of nerdy goodies for the geek inside.  Now, as much as I love Harry Potter (Gryyyyfindoooooor!) I'm not that much of a geek to enjoy this box but I was desperate to try it out and see what it offered - so I contacted a little chap who I knew would love it...
Jack was a little pro at making this video and even did a little research into how to film an un-boxing on YouTube - so cute, right?

Click here to be taken to the video on my channel or hit play on the embedded link below! Enjoy!

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