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Kelly Brook for Simply Be | Review

Apologies for the quiet stretch this week, I'd give you the usual blogger excuse roll call but to be honest you know I'm human and humans have busy days/weeks and moments when all they want to do is roll onto the sofa, snuggle into a blanket and watch House on repeat after a hard couple of days...
That being said, I thought I'd write a little post today as a few of you were asking for thoughts on the new Kelly Brook range after my trip to Merry Hill Simply Be a fortnight ago.  The team had invited me down for a trying out session in their changing rooms with the drop of the new collection, after seeing it online the first thoughts I had was how lovely some of the items would be for the wedding season ahead but I was curious about the sizing.  Typically, when the brand do a collaboration with a celebrity the sizing on the range tends to run small and with most of Kelly Brook's range stopping at at size 26 it would potentially rule out a lot of their customer range...
So, here were the five items I tried on in store and my views:

Kelly Brook Print Scuba Dress, £50.

The print scuba dress has a monochrome floral print on a dress with a body con fit, the  material is a scuba and feels odd to touch.  This stops in size 26 but does have a lot of stretch, however I'm wearing my normal size 24 here and whilst it fits onto my body it's not forgiving.  If you're into showing off your body for all it's glory and don't mind showing your VBO then this is a great dress, on the shorter person this will be a great length too (on me, not so much - tall girls, beware).  Personally I think the price tag is extremely high for this dress, I don't feel the £50 cost is justified based on the material and basic cut of the dress.  Let's face it, it's nothing we can't get off eBay for a smaller price.  This was one was disappointing.

The pink textured dress from the range was one of the store's biggest sellers and was sold to me as the dress that would suit women of all shapes and sizes.  I wanted to love it, it had a lovely feel to it, it was stretchy and it was pink... but it just fell short.  It was ok.  
The dress again just had major fit issues and whilst it fitted on my body as such it just was not a flattering fit.  My VBO was on full show and it was incredibly short on my taller frame, had this have had a skater flare on the bottom half then I think I could have made this work. 

I was dubious about this dress in store, it didn't have hanger appeal and I normally stay away from peplums where I can as they don't sit right on my torso.  However, I was swayed to try it by Nikki and I'm glad I did.  The dress is stunning beautiful, it's an understated dress that would look amazing in the workplace or out on the town with a pair of heels.  The fit is a good one, however I would strongly recommend sizing up a fair bit if you have a large chest.  I unfortunately couldn't get the size 26 in store to zip up and as this was the largest size I couldn't walk away with it.  Also, tall ladies, watch out for knicker flashing with this one - the slit up the skirt is rather high and may give passers by a peep show!
Overall, lovely dress, disappointing fit.

Kelly Brook Print Belted Dress (£60) and Belted Lace Trench Coat (£90)
Ok, let's talk about this outfit.  I love it.  
I love the print on the dress and the yellow belt (which, coincidentally is actually long enough as you go up in sizes), the length is good - even on me - and the quality of material is good.  Not so good is the fit, yet again I was unable to do this dress up in a size 26 and with no larger sizes available to move into meant that I left store without this dress.  
The coat is a a full length trench in a cream colour with a lace overlay, I went for a size 26 in this one and it was a good fit - it was one of the few items I tried on that I liked and it fitted.  As lovely as it is, £90 for a cream coat in the height of summer is not great timing to drop and I felt this would have been better suited to the later season to maximise on usage.  Also, I'd be absolutely terrified of getting it filthy...

Overall, I liked the range - I thought it had a good couple of prints mixed in and the pieces were thought through for occasion wear.  However, the pricing is too high in my opinion for some of the items and I feel that they've merely added £30 on to some basic items because it's endorsed by a celebrity.  Fit has been sacrificed for quick production and the lack of a higher sizing range means that customers who were not priced out in the first instance may be sized out in the end, meaning less pennies in the till for Simply Be.  I personally much prefer the magazine collaborations that Simply Be have done in the past (Grazia, Look, etc.) which had fashion forward pieces coupled with a good fit, larger ladies are prepared to pay a pretty penny for good clothing but we shouldn't have to compromise in the first instance.  This collection really disappointed me. 

What are your thoughts?

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