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A couple of weeks back I was invited to a crafting blogger workshop with Hilary's blinds in Birmingham and had a complete blast!  Joe Bloggers are possibly one of the best PR companies I've ever worked with, their events are super fun and always have the blogger at the front of their minds whilst promoting their clients (rather than the other way round).  I've been to a few events now ran by the company and I have had such a good time that whenever one pops into my inbox I don't hesitate in accepting!

Now, I'm not the biggest crafter in the world and to be honest my craft skills run to the extent of perhaps sewing a button or two on a shirt so I wasn't expecting miracles with fabric when I sat down with the materials.  However, the chaps over at Hilary's Blinds had got a specialist crafter in to teach us some basics (Crafty Hen) and I came away with a fabric covered notebook and a very iffy-looking bird made by my own fair hand!
The materials we used within the workshop were from the new collection at Hilary's Blinds and were a dream to work with.  I fell in love with the blue porcelain print and ended up using it to cover my little notebook, which I then added a black ribbon and a threadbare button to.

I sat with some other bloggers (who, may I add, were sufficiently better at this than me) who kind of helped me along with the projects and kept me nattering away throughout the event.  I always find it amazing how you can put a lot of bloggers in one room who may not know each other and we all get on like a house on fire, regardless of blog content.  Guess we're all just special people, huh?
My 3D bird on the other hand was not so special and as I hadn't allowed much on seam allowance it began fraying on it's bum... which I personally think adds to it's charm, birds are supposed to have feathers.  Can't say that it had much of a bird face though, the beak had disappeared and my mum said it looked more like a seal.  Well, I tried mom.

If you want to watch what happened at the event then hit this link to be taken to my vlog that week and check out some super fast sewing!I had such a brilliant time and the four hours just flew by as I plodded along with my running stitch.  I now, however, desperately want a glue gun.  Don't know how to use it.  But I want one.

Big thanks to JB and Hilary's Blinds for inviting me along! 
Hey, pssst, want to be on Joe Blogger's blogger network? Hit this cheeky link here and let the fun begin!

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