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Down Syndrome Awareness | Q&A

Yesterday was National Down Syndrome Awareness Day and, after much discussion and requests, I decided it was time for a Q&A video on the subject of Down Syndrome and living with it within our family.  I was somewhat fearful and dubious of putting up a video on the subject, it's such a personal topic and I didn't want to put anyone in line of something which could lead to hurtful comments.  However, I think my readers and channel watchers are just a lovely bunch of people and I'm hoping that we're all adult enough to embrace diversity together as a little community!
I invited mom along for the ride, she's the expert on raising a child with Downs having had one (obvs) but she's a professional in the field too having worked in the industry for a bajillion years - actual statistic.  So, if you're interested in getting to know more about the topic please click this link to be taken to the video or hit play on the embedded video below!

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