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Train Spotting: Keeping It Simple

Monday's aren't often wonderful days of the week for me, it marks the end of a weekend where freedom ruled and many a wine was drank before the dreaded rainy, cold commute to work at a time of morning when no living being should be awake.  However, this week was different as we both took the day off work to spend some quality time together for the Mr's birthday.
Being the non fussy kind, the other half ha decided he didn't want a posh dinner out or even a birthday cake, so I twisted his arm to head to Birmingham for a relaxed day of shopping and grabbing lunch together.  We decided to jump on the train and abandon the car like in the days where we trudged along on public transport together...

It's so freaking cold out still that I dressed for comfort and warmth, so threw on my long length swing dress from ASOS (which is just a god send and major wardrobe staple for any plus size tall girl!) and just synched in my waist with a skinny pink belt from the same shop.  I then popped on my wool duster jacket and a chunky scarf to shield my skin from the wind, threw my satchel over my shoulder and added a slick of lipstick.  
The coat was perfect for keeping the Brummie winds away and I've fallen in love with it, it's essentially an oversized masculine long line jacket and so so versatile!

Dress, Asos | Belt, Asos | Coat, Curvissa | Shoes, Asda | Satchel, Asda | Necklace, Evans (similar here)

We spent the day hitting the shops and browsing the Bull Ring, my other half murmured something about buying clothes and I may have enabled a purchase of two pairs of shoes and a coat - seems small but for my other half it's a big deal.  I often forget that the chap who lives in my house and makes me cups of tea actually hates clothes, shopping and all things metrosexual.... Perhaps I should be more impressed when he steps outside his comfort zone and into my world.  
We headed into the food area in Bull Ring and ate enough pizza to feed a third world country, before hopping onto a quick Primark and Lush binge before home.  It was in every way the most uneventful but most loveliest of days, and it's days like these that make me feel more refreshed for the week ahead and a wholesome being.  

I've spent too much time over the last couple of months worrying about so many things, over doing and over analysing everything to the point where I realise that actually it's not needed.  I have so much in life to be thankful for, material things are just that - things - and ultimately don't really matter all that much.  I think as we all grow into adults and move into the next phase of our lives we never really switch off, our work patterns may be a defined shift but often we work over time in our minds (and desks), we plan and strategise in free time to fulfil chores and bills, and we try to ensure we're the best mother, lover, sister, daughter, etc.  We forget that we need to look after ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and that sometimes it's ok to just... fuck up.  When's the last time you genuinely sat back and just thought of yourself for a selfish ten minutes?
I've taken steps to start doing more of what I enjoy and less of what I think I should be doing, spending more time with the people I love and trying to be more positive about my capabilities as a person.  At the end of the day, as the clock strikes midnight, it's myself that I have to answer to and no one else.
The day at the train station was one of those free and beautiful days.

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