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The Short and Tall Of It: Animal Instincts

Living on the larger end of the clothing size rack can prove a challenge when you try to find something fashionable to wear, when you then throw another aesthetic into the mix it can prove even more difficult.  A while back Emma and I reviewed a couple of pieces from a high street store's tall and petite range to show how different heights can be styled, something of which we both feel is a huge gap in the plus size market that brands are just not exploiting.  Being such varying heights, we both work our wardrobes and adapt clothing out there on the high street to suit our shapes as best we can.
Emma and I decided to turn this one off post we did into a monthly challenge, both taking at least one  similar garment and styling into an outfit for our size and height.  We're looking to just showcase our love for fashion, but at the same time make a stand when a dress or top just is not quite right - and that's the long and short of it.

So kicking off the first instalment is this lime leopard print dress* from the tall range at Simply Be, which we were kindly gifted by the team at head office.  We both fell in love with this dress when we saw it online and we thanked the fashion gods for the varying height sizings on offer!  This dress comes in three sizes; petite, regular and tall.  Obviously Emma ordered the regular and I ordered the tall, we stalked our postmen and then shrieked as we opened the package to reveal this really vibrant pop of lime that was just glorious!
Now, when I opened this up and put it against me to weigh up the sizing I was a little concerned about boob room - the material isn't that giving and I knew that if this wasn't spot on with sizing then I was going to struggle getting one boob in, let alone two.  Emma had mentioned to me that she had ample room in her dress, so I popped it on over my head and tugged it down to see if it would fit.  I found the bust was an average fit for me, it was enough room to not worry about having a squished 'boob panel' but equally it wasn't baggy - this worked for me, so if you have a larger bust then don't worry about sizing up on this dress as you'll fit into it just fine.

Moving onto height, it's not the longest dress in the world and I was a little disappointed about the length on a dress that had been designed for taller women.  I can't realistically wear this dress without some kind of hosiery or leggings, in fearing showing off a little too much thigh than I'd like, but I felt comfortable enough to wear the latter in it and still feel appropriately covered.  I've had items from the tall range before at Simply Be and this is the shortest item I've had from there, so I think this is just a design flaw on this specific dress.
That being said, I'm used to dresses being shorter than this and have worked out some tricks to make sure it works on my long legs.  I'm sticking with flats on this one to keep it casual and to draw attention back up to the dress, as well as throwing a darker jacket on top with a causal necklace to make it look a bit more polished.

I wasn't going to put this black and white one in as it felt a bit pretentious but... well, I thought I looked a bit bitching.  Ha!
I wore this out to a casual dinner date and was comfortable throughout the night, as well as feeling stylish.  I adore this print and the cut is extremely flattering for my body shape, I felt pretty darn cute!
Not overly keen on having this in a dress?  Why not opt for it in a smock top instead then - it's the same print and still as luscious!
Check out the dress* over at Simply Be and grab it before it disappears!  Make sure you go and check out Emma's blog post for the short side of the story...

Big thank you to Simply Be for providing an item from their height ranges.
* Denotes an item gifted for review, all opinions are my own.

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