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Stick It Up Your Jumper

Jumpers, generally, aren't my thing - I have issues with the way I feel inside what sometimes feels like a suffocating heavy knit and the way it looks on my body.  Having a larger bust brings it's issues and jumpers often make them look lower set than they actually are, so I often have to add a few tricks to draw the eyes upwards or down past my hips to detract attention from my lady lumps.
This jumper from JD Williams* has an embellishments on the collar where I would normally place a statement necklace and beautifully compliments the sky blue pop of colour in the knit.  I went to dress this down with a  pair of skinny black ripped jeans and a pair of comfy flats, with minimal make up and accessories - I think this makes the jumper the statement piece and is perfect for either running down to the Post Office or going for a happy Sunday dinner with family.

It's well outside my comfort zone and not something I would normally reach for, so I was a little apprehensive on the first couple of try-on's and (honestly) it took some time for me to get out of the head space of jumper hate to actually thinking I rock this look.  Even now, it wasn't until I looked at the photos that I was like YES, I rock that jumper!

I sized up for a looser feel in this and I'm glad I did, although the jumper would have stretched to fit my body I do feel this extra room came in handy for the chest area and also for enough length to pull past the waistline.  I personally like my tops to be a healthy length and at least cover the top half of my bum, so this was a good length for me.
JD Williams have a pretty hefty knitwear range at the moment with some corkers in there so make sure you stop buy to check out what's new.  I'm a big cardigan and knitwear fan personally and have oodles of them in my wardrobe, I think them a massive staple when it comes to seasonal change.
Having thrown this through the washing machine as well since taking photos I can tell you that it washes beautifully and doesn't snag in the drum!

What do you think of jumpers?  Love or hate?

*Denotes item gifted for review, all opinions are my own.

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