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Lady Of The Manor | Ann Harvey Coat Review.

Being a complete history nerd (yup, Plantaganets and Tudors all the way) I am always a sucker for a beautiful cultural setting.  Last weekend I met up with my sister from another Mr,  Emma,  to shoot some collaborative videos for our channels and have a natter of a posh cup of milky coffee.  Whilst there I took advantage of her photography skills and the gorgeous setting at Coombe Abbey to show you this beautiful jacket from Ann Harvey*.

The jacket reminds me a little of a duster jacket, the appropriate length but not thick enough to keep for colder months only.  I adore the jacquard print, it's simple but a sophisticated as well as being extremely versatile to throw on top of an outfit.  This morning whilst I was pottering around in my underwear I initially reached for my trust skinny jeans and some shoe boots to put together with this coat, but instead I chose to double up on the jacquard print and go bold with a print clash!  It's not a look I'd usually go for but I like the look!
Now, I did my usual and sized up in the coat thinking that I would need that extra wiggle room to get my bust covered but I should have kept to my dress size instead as I would have got a better fit.  The shoulders were slightly elongated because of the larger sizing and having a smaller size would conquer this, I had ample room in the arms and bust so there was definitely room for manoeuverment.  So if you are thinking of purchasing this, make sure you get it at your correct dress size.  Putting that aside, the cut of the coat is fabulous - I would never have bought a collarless coat but I have fallen in love with it!

I felt like the lady of the manor traipsing around in this jacket, it feels ever so slightly bourgeois and the surroundings just added to that.  Sure, I'm never going to be able to afford to buy an old abandoned cathedral with a glorious moat full of wonderful ducks... but I can drink tea out of old china in the study and then walk around the grounds pretending I'm an extra in a period drama (which I do, regularly, by the way).
This jacket is reduced down by £20 so do make sure you go and grab it, it's a timeless piece that I think can be squirrelled away in the wardrobe ready for next year.  

* Denotes item gifted for review, all opinions are my own.

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