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YouTube Tuesday: What I Got For Christmas

Aaaaand I'm back!
How was your Christmas break? Good? Great!
Mine was very much a two week long haze of Baileys induced naps on the sofa mixed in with spending far too much money in the sales.  Of course, I spent most of my time with my family and close loved ones which just made it all the more harder when that 6AM alarm went off yesterday to signal my return to work.  Whilst I seriously considering entering the office in my cosy new Christmas pyjamas (which will forever be named Christmas 'jamas even in the middle of June) I realised that staying home and watching Netflix on the sofa with left over Dairy Milk wouldn't pay the bills...
So with back to work also comes back to blog and life as normal!  As I've been enjoying watching these types of videos over the festive period, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my gifts and show you what I got for Christmas.  I've not included everything, as some things are personal and private, but I picked out a good selection of bits to show you.  So, if you're interested then hit this link to be taken to my YouTube channel or click the embedded video below to play!

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