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Spring/Summer Trends 2015

As much as I want to hang onto Winter and the crunchy leaves of Autumn, I'm afraid the warmer seasons will soon be upon us and, as a result, so will a new fashion season be here.  I've been perusing the Vogue and Glamour pages for a couple of months now to see what's predicted to be big and come up with a rough summary of what I think will be big trends on the high street.  Of course, I appreciate that the plus size retail world tends to be a couple of seasons behind straight sizes but I think of lot of the below is recycled and easily incorporated with a  few key pieces (if you're into trend hopping).
Apologies for the blurry-ness of some of these, I tried really hard to minimise them but as they're from the 'net it's a bit difficult to edit them!

Enjoy! I'd love to hear your views!

1. Patchwork Denim

Patchwork denim was all over the runways last season, with Burberry and Gucci showcasing key pieces in their S/S collection in this fabric.  I'm expecting this to trickle down into the high street in a more laid back design, larger patchwork sizes and in statement pieces, I don't think New Look will be stocking patchwork jeans circa 1970 into the plus size department but I do think you'll see patchwork blouses pop up around festival season.

2. Bohemian

This one always comes around in this season, long flowy tops and gypsy skirts are forever filling up the high street the moment a little bit of sunshine comes out.  The thing is, it's easy to wear and most body shapes can pull it off so of course it's popular.  This season we'll see a trend for boho maxi dresses, with folk prints mixed in.  I love the deep orange colour on this Chloe dress (perhaps it will fit one leg?)

3. Monochrome and Polkadots

I've popped these two together because the polka dot trend at the moment seems to be limited to black and white, so the monochrome trend mixes into it.  Another favourite that seems to be recycled, the monochrome trend is popping back in the early weeks of S/S and focusing itself on either a pinstripe or polka dot print.

4.  Ballerina

Who doesn't love a tutu? I know I do!  Whenever there's a tutu on Asos it sells out like wildfire, so maybe with this trend coming in you may be able to grab it more easily with the abundance due to hit the high street.  Always leave it to Valentino to bring back this silhouette (my favourite designer) as he bought this uber feminine look onto his catwalk in nude tones, just breath taking! I can see myself skipping around the kitchen in my midi tutu now!

5. That 70's Look

And the look that I think is going to everywhere this season? 70's fashion.  I'm talking from prints to materials to cut to make up, this era is going to come back with a bang! A huge amount of designers had at least a couple of 70's inspired pieces in their collections this season, including Tom Ford, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, so it's gonna be big business.  The trend has also played around with florals for next season to give a fresher look (cue Miranda from Devil Wears Prada...'florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.').

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