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Party Shoes Do Not Belong In Drains!

I don't know about you guys but when I buy a pair of heels I'll wear them as much as possible around the house to wear them in and mould to my feet before letting them loose on the world.  I find for me it helps massively keep the pain of first time blisters away and also helps me learn to walk in them beforehand, nobody wants a size 22 woman with wart-y feet falling on them on the dance floor after too many prossecos.
Being a taller girl I do tend to go for a shorter heel where possible, be that a kitten or mini stiletto, not because I'm ashamed of my height but because I feel more comfortable not having to add stilts to my legs on a night out.  It also means I don't have too far to bend when I pucker my lips up for a smooch with my other half (who is only an inch or so taller than me)!
These heels* are a great height if you're not keen on a height in a shoe, they're such a comfortable fit and having that option for a wider foot came in handy when I was traipsing around the office in this.  One of the most commonly asked questions I get from other plus size beauties is what to wear in the office that's smart but chic so I decided to do a simple workwear look with these shoes.

I, personally, am a simple girl when it comes to workwear choices. I wear black trousers and simple dresses because at 6AM in the morning I'm not thinking about fashion - I'm thinking about those extra 15 minutes in bed if I choose to dry shampoo rather than wash my hair (don't judge me, you know you've done it at least once).  So this is a typical business meeting attire for me, a simply black skater dress with a waist belt to define my shape and a pair of heels - I think these work beautifully with this outfit and it's fun without being inappropriate if I was called into the manager's office.  I put the look together with my woollen duster coat and a beige scarf before heading out the door to work - I always feel so kick ass in a tailored coat!
This look could be easily up-styled into a transitional evening outfit with a statement necklace and a kimono, perfect for a night out sipping a few cocktails in the city centre after a long day of spreadsheets!

I remember one night when I was a younger bean, I hit Birmingham in a pair of statement heels that towered me up wight their 4 inch heel and ended up getting physically stuck in a drain outside Oceana.  I stood there for half an hour weeping silently whilst every woman and man tried to get my £60 shoes that I had saved for a month for out of this drain to no avail and Cinderella was left half shoeless for the rest of the night... As it worked out, this scored me loads of free drinks from friends and actually probably saved my feet a lot of pain the next day but the moral of the story is I should have taken a pair of back up shoes in my handbag.  Ever since that night if I'm going out in heels I'll pop a pair of fold up ballerina flats in my handbag just in case I find myself in a drain again!
My top tips for keeping your toes safe and sound on a night out are:

1) Always, always wear your shoes in before you go out in them. You wouldn't run a marathons without a bit of training would you? Your feet need to mould the shoes you're wearing to avoid any rubbing or blisters, it also gives you the chance to decide whether or not they're worthy of a night of dancing or more a couple of hours at dinner before kicking them off in the car (don't judge me, you do it too).

2) Fold up shoes are a god send.  Whether you've lost your shoe down a drain or whether you're tootsies are just a little too sore, these little shoes will feel like stepping on a cloud after a few hours in heels.  I like these simple black ones from Simply Be that will generally go with most outfits!

3) Give your feet a spa day the day after.  If you're fortunate enough to own a foot spa then whack that baby on and bubble away your aches, if not then some hot water in a washing up bowl and a few bath salts will do your feet the world of good!  Check out this DIY foot spa guide if you don't want to fork out for something electronic!

If you're interested in finding out how Simply Be handle their party shoes then click here - some of the vines are hilarious! My favourite is the breakfast run vine!

*Item denotes an item gifted for review only, my opinion are as always my own.

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