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Driving Slow On Sunday Morning

Not all outfits are glamorous ones, I've said here before that quite often my weekend-wear consists of jeans and a loose top for comfort and I feel that it would be untrue to show you only edited and 'dressed up' photos on the blog.  A couple of weekends ago I hopped in the car with the family and went car shopping as I'd sent my little Fiat Punto to car heaven in December, so I needed to dress for the comfort of getting in and out of cars as well as walking around doing lots of umm-ing and arr-ing over big honks of metal.
I picked up these jeans up from Evans in Dublin when we went over and they are, by far, the most comfortable jeans in the world.  As they're turned up on the bottom I didn't have to worry too much about length as I could make these work as just above ankle grazers. They're long enough not to worry too much about having to shave every time I sea them and I can get away with a bit of stubble leg (don't lie, you do it too... ).

I teamed it with the glitzy pink light knit sweater from Simply Be and a pair of converse that I've been breaking in ready for my holiday in August, but minimal make up and jewellery - just causal, laid back, me on a Sunday.   Yes, it's not fashion forward and it's not going to break the style bank but it's simple outfit that I actually feel quite cool in!

I managed to grab these converse from Look Again, sister site of Curvissa, after accidentally clicking the wrong section of the site - I had no idea the site sold this brand and would have totally bypassed them if I hadn't have wondered over there on a whim.  To make things even better, they stock the brand right up to size 10 in some styles which is just amazing!  I got these in a size 8.5 instead of my usual 9 and hoped I would be able to squeeze my oversized feet into them, luckily they were generous and are a pretty good fit.  I also managed to get them at 20% off by hopping over to a voucher code site and getting an incentive code to knock off some pennies (I like using and for the hottest codes, and will always go there first if I'm buying online.  Also, remember to click your top cash back for some pennies back from your purchase!).

How do you like to dress down? Are you a jeans and top kind of gal or do you throw on a  swing dress and legging for comfort?

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