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Blogging For A Busy Life

Juggling life, work, kids and bills can be stressful for all of us.   For me personally, this space is something I'm passionate about and thoroughly enjoy writing, though at times it can prove extremely difficult to allocate as much time as I would like to it.  So I've adapted my routine with some hints and tips I picked up from other bloggers and ones I've found through blogging for two years...

Tip Number 1 - Your Mobile Is Your Friend

I'm a complete phoneaholic and won't go anywhere without my mobile - it's my source of entertainment, organisation and keeping in touch with the world.  Quite often I will fall asleep whilst reading blogs and then suddenly wake up when I drop it on my face... don't pretend you haven't done it.  So it occurred to me that this would be my biggest tool for managing my social media presence for my blog and something I could use to organise my ideas.
I keep all ideas for blogs and videos on memo notes and add them as and when I think of them, that way I can use this list as an inspiration and my ideas don't disappear the moment I get distracted.  I also keep my blogger gmail account linked to my phone calendar so I can look ahead to any events, festivities or commitments I have with brand deadlines.
I also having the blogger app installed on my phone for on-the-go writing and have grouped all my blogging tools into one folder for quick access.

Tip Number 2 - Linked Accounts

I link up all my social media accounts to each other so that I simultaneously post updates on all of my platforms, instagram is one of the best apps for this and you can link your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr into each other so the photo is shared on all four at once.  I also link up my YouTube and BlogLovin account with my Twitter, G+ and Facebook.  This saves me hopping around all the social media outlets after one of my posts goes live and means that when I schedule a post in work hours I don't have to worry about spreading the word.


Tip Number 3 - Scheduled Posts

Scheduled posts are an absolute life saver for me, I like to post three times a week and working full time outside of the blog makes that challenging.  I like to keep a bank of scheduled posts in the wings for times when I'm just not there to hit the 'publish' button, so I write the week ahead's posts on the weekend beforehand and link them in with my social media to spread the word on my new post.

Tip 4 - Book Blog Holidays

Bloggers have holidays too!  And it's perfectly acceptable to put the keyboard away and focus on drinking yourself into a Pina Colada haze by the pool side!  When I'm jetting off for a few days I like to just drop a blog post to say that I'm not going to be posting for that time (plus a few extra days) and re-direct my readers to my twitter or instagram page which I'll still post on during my time away.  I've found this really works for me and you guys seem to like it too!
If you're still worried about your space being empty, why not ask for some guest posts from your fellow bloggers?  That way it keeps your space up to date with new blog posts (scheduled, of course) and you get to introduce your audience to some new bloggers to follow.

Tip 5 - Don't Worry

Finally, my biggest tip is make your blog work around your lifestyle and dedicate what time you want rather than what time you think you should.  The sooner you start putting things off for writing or thinking of logging on as a chore, the sooner you'll lose your love for what bought you to your blog in the first place.
Figure out when you're free and then use that time to blog, whether that's half an hour on your lunch break or after you've eaten your dinner, this way it's not an intrusion and it's making your blog work for you.  Don't give yourself a hard time if you find that you've got one of those crazy weeks that's so busy you don't have time to even shave your legs let alone think of content, life goes on and your readership will appreciate you taking more time to think of something decent to put out rather than something you're not happy with but put out there to keep regular.

So, there you are, those are my top five blogging tips for a busy life!  Ok, they're not exhaustive and we could chat hours about hashtags, SEO and sponsored post content, but they're rules I live and breathe by whenever I think about my wonderful little blog.  I hope these help you and if you have any more tips please share them!

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