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Yankee Candle Dandy!

Every year I pick out a scent to burnt throughout our Christmas break from work, it's one of our traditions that we started when we first moved in together and I think my other half has slowly come to warm to it too.  We have such different tastes in every walk of life - he likes football, I like history, he likes spicy food, I prefer cheese.  This doesn't change when it comes to smells and we often find it quite tricky to pick a scent we both like to burn, whilst I don't want James coming home to a smell that makes him gag I do tend to get my own way and buy the scent I want.  
When Yankee got in touch to offer to send us some samples of their new holiday range we were both excited to see what came in the blogger mail and got to sniffing packages before opening them (yep, that really happened!).

Tarts were my first foray into the world of Yankee, they're much more affordably priced at anywhere between 75p - £2 online (or in stores) and give you opportunity to try out some of the fragrances at a snapshot to see whether you like it or not.  There's nothing worse than forking out twenty quid for a large jar only to find out after an hour of burning that you don't like the smell (I'm looking at you Cinnamon Stick).  
Yankee sent me six festive samples to try out from their Christmas range; Icicles, Silver Birch, Angel Wings, Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Garland and Bay Leaf Wreath.  As I tend to prefer musky and slightly sweet scents I wasn't personally a big fan of the latter two which had a smell similar to what I can only describe as a car air freshener but my other half did prefer these to the rest on offer.  
My favourite, by far, was 'Icicles' which I found have a gradual musky scent that became more powerful the longer you melted it.  It filled my flat with the smell within half an hour of it being opened, let alone melted, and I had nothing but compliments on the smell for two days afterwards.  My favourite for this time of year had always been 'Snow in Love' but this tart has become the household smell for Christmas - I may have even popped it on the Christmas list for Santa...

Yankee also sent me this super cute petal burner too for the wax melt, essentially you pop the tart in the top container and then put a tea light underneath to slowly heat the tart.  I found that if you teamed this with a scented tea light then you got double the fragrance, I chose to mix some of the musky scents with a berry scent to give it a bit more of a sweet tint - we had some iced berry yankee tea lights knocking around the house which gave it a really Christmassy smell.  Isn't it amazing how we associate smells with certain times of year? 

You can pick up the petal burner here for £4.99, which is a great price, and the tarts here from the Yankee collection starting from just 75p.  I think this would make a great Christmas gift for a low price, especially if you're working to a budget (like a secret santa at work).  

What are you planning for your small gifts this year? Are you a Yankee lover?

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