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New Year's Eve - Get Ready With Me

Unlike many young women my age, this year I've chosen not to hit the clubs of the Midlands and drink far too many cocktails after stumbling home with a kebab.  This year I'm hosting a boy's night in with my other half and younger brothers, watching DVD's, playing Xbox and as much pizza as my fat belly can hold!
Whilst I'm not going to miss the money leaving my bank account and the nasty hang over tomorrow morning, I am going miss putting some music on and getting ready - which is often my favourite part of the night.  So, I thought I'd indulge myself a little and do a mini get ready with me video tonight to show you what make up I would have worn and how I put that look together.

If you are going out tonight, remember to stay safe (no dodgy lifts from unmarked taxis) but most importantly have a fantastic time.  If you're staying in, make sure you try and stay up until midnight for those bongs and a glass of something fizzy!
Happy New Year chaps!

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