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Photos are small mementos of our fleeting life.  Whilst the generation before us filled flip albums with polaroid prints and placed numerous pictures on walls in the home (my mom's famous 'rogue's gallery' on the stairway in my childhood home), in this day and age my generation tend to turn to social media outlets to share photos.  Instagram is one of my favourite apps, alongside Facebook and twitter, which I regularly upload photos onto to share my 'moments'.  But what happens when instagram disappears? Oh my god... WHAT HAPPENS IF INSTAGRAM DISAPPEARS?! How will I COPE?
For the last year I've started to chronicle my life in mini journals for the next few generations, it's something I wished I had from my grandparents as I have such a fascination with family history so it felt right to do it myself.  One of the biggest things I've realised doing this is the need for photographic evidence and moments from the time I'm writing about to make things visual for my children's children's children.  Whilst on my search for Christmas items for my younger brother, I was contacted by Jake at Frame Again to offer me the chance to try out their new frames aimed at a younger market to try and capture the fun in displaying photos again.

When I logged on I was super impressed with how easy the whole process was, taking less than 30 seconds to design, choose and order a frame.  I hooked up to my instagram through the design studio and chose a photo of myself and the little cherub, then chose some funky colours to match the decor in his bedroom.  Click, click, click, done.
The frame came in 48 hours (on standard delivery, amazing) and was packaged in a plain brown box so it was easy enough to hide away without giving away what was inside to prying 11 year old eyes...
I was so impressed with the quality of the frame, it is has a kitsch feel to it and has magnetic sides so if you were to buy more you can build shapes and structures to suit your tastes.  Perfect for a lego loving young man!
It's also extremely durable, being the clumsy mare I am I did drop this on my hard wood floor twice but it came away completely scratch free!

I can't rave about these frames enough, they were an unexpected little gem and I have already put in another order for other people in my family who would love this.  The frames are priced at £9.99 with a £3 delivery charge for standard delivery, which may seem steep for the product but trust me, it's worth the cash!

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