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Christmas Plus Size Lingerie: Nine X

Lingerie is still one of the top gifts that men give to women at Christmas and whilst I might not be so lucky to get some under the tree this year (more likely to get something electronic from my other half), Nine X did send me a couple of silks as an early gift for the blog.  Now, I've been a little bit of a naughty blogger and these were sent to me a while ago (sorry NX!) but with the festive season quite literally around the corner I thought this would be an excellent time to showcase these delicate fancies!
This is my first foray into lingerie blogging, so please prepare yourself for sultry looks and massive bazonkas!

The quality for money is fantastic, at only £15.99 for the red and £14.99 for the yellow it's not going to break the bank and as a bonus won't fall apart in the washing machine after a couple of spins.  The website has a large amount of adult nightwear for a small price without compromising on style, sure there's a couple of there that are a little too revealing for my own personal taste but to each their own! I'm sure some of you don't like the yellow nighty here (my other half told me I looked like a horny bumble bee!) but I do!
My other half's preference of the two is the red, but I much prefer the lace bust of the yellow - I suppose at the end of the day if they're worn for enticement then ultimately it doesn't matter as they're going to be torn off if the ultimate goal is achieved, but the feel of the fabric in both did make me feel a little racy!

The fit on the yellow nighty* is good but I did choose to go for a slightly larger die, wary of the satin in the dress bottom having no stretch.  The top is a stretch lace panel and will fit most bust sizes, however if you're looking for a nighty with support you won't get it in this nighty due to the design.  The bottom skirt flares out with ease and skims over my hips leaving a perfect silhouette, it flounces when I walk but falls elegantly when I sit or lie down without clinging to any lumps or bumps.  I'm not a big fan of my tummy, it's a part of my body that I'm still working on my confidence with, so I was pleased when this flattered my middle section and hid any bumps there.

The red nighty* is a good fit also on my body though I wish I had sized up again for a little more room on the bust.  Whilst the tighter fabric across the bust did give me an opportunity to force some support on my boobs it proved a little uncomfortable during the night when I attempted to sleep in it, so if you are a heavier asset-ed girl then I would recommend a couple of sizes up on your usual size for this (if you intend to not have it ripped off within two hours of wearing it, that is...)
The nighty comes in a bright and vivid red colour with a lace trim on the V-neck bust.  the neckline is designed to plunge quite deeply to reveal your cleavage but if you want a little more coverage then just hoist it up a little on the straps.

Being a taller girl, both nighties are a little short as they just about cover my bum but to be honest that's not such a big issue as I'll be sporting this to a bed with a particular man in it...
The bust could provide a little more coverage on the red silk but again, it's not something that I would say is a deal breaker.  I did have a slight over spill of side boob but I have a much larger bust than the average lady, so if you're anything below a J cup then you will have room in this.
In conclusion though, I'm super impressed with the quality for the cost on these nighties and the range online.  If you're in the market for buying plus size underwear with a bit of phwoar built in for Christmas then I thoroughly recommend Nine X- whether you're buying for yourself or for a loved one.

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