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Birmingham Clothes Show 2014

Blogging brings me some amazing perks sometimes, none more so then being offered press passes for the Clothes Show at my local Birmingham NEC.  Having never been to the show I was excited to get there and spend some hard earnt pennies on the stores, having got some tips from Emma who went the day before and pointed me in the direction of the Barry M stall! Cheers Em!
Anyway, back onto the day itself, the Clothes Show is an event that runs every year in the Midlands and aims to showcase emerging fashion, trends, beauty and style.  For the price of a ticket you have access to brands who bring amazing bargains and goodie bags to the day, as well as a seat into the fashion arena to watch an extremely well choreographed catwalk.  As I said, I was lucky to be issued with a blog press pass which gave me access to the show and catwalk on the day so I took in every single second on the day!

There are a lot of independent sellers at the show, including vintage, but there are also familiar brand names floating around.  Asos have their graduate sellers at the show and have a huge stand full of independent stalls, it struck me as a real world version of the online market place that Asos offer and the stall holders are so lovely.  I deeply regret not picking up that Volkswagon handbag, how blimming gorgeous is that?
After grabbing a mini Starbucks I headed to the Ciate stand to grab my 10 nail varnishes for £10 (yes, £10 people) before being ushered into the Blogger lounge to be escorted to the press area at the catwalk arena.
Wow, that catwalk.  It was just superb, showcasing a huge array of bright colours down to chic Parisian tailoring whilst walking amongst excellently choreographed dance backdrops.  Having gone to the Clothes Show with a friend (/photographer) who wasn't as into fashion as myself I was concerned that the catwalk wouldn't be her thing, but the show was designed as such that everyone could enjoy it for something.

There is absolutely no plus size clothing at the Clothes Show, not a peep.  In fact, most items on the day ranged from a size 6 to a size 14 from what we saw and we remarked at the time that a lot of high street retailers are missing a trick by not having a stand at the show - looking around at the general public in the room there was definitely a demand for it! 
If you're looking for a day of shopping indulgence, bargain hunting and discovering new brands then this is the event for you.  As a plus sized person, I would say it's more of a beauty and accessory shopping event but as times change maybe they will have a larger range of sizes/stalls.
So, plus size PR people - if you're reading please feed this back to your teams! We need some shopping and lustful clothes gazing at the Clothes Show!


So what did I get?  Well, my lovelies, for a combined total of £35 I got a Barry M goody bag which had around £60 worth of products in it, some Topshop jewellery for a pound, a Cosmopolitan goodie bag, some sparkle lip dust with applicator, Ciate nail varnish (which I shared with a friend) and some momento photo booth snaps.  I could have easily spent a large amount more and had to really behave myself so I didn't fall into crippling debt to buy all the lipstick in the building.  That being said, pennies will most definitely be saved for a massive splurge next year...

Big thank you to the press team at Birmingham Clothes Show for letting me come along for the day!

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