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The Christmas Look Book

Every year I trawl the internet and shops for my top four looks that I want to rock at my events, my December always gets ridiculously packed out with places to go and people to see (oof, get me!) so I do like to invest in a little outfit or two to get me excited.  It's just part of my Christmas traditions and has been that way ever since I started earning money on my own.
Now days I'm more likely to spend more money on the council tax than a dress but it's just made me more careful with my cash, choosing something to recycle and re-use after Christmas too.  So, without further a do, here are my top 4 looks!

The Classic LBD

Scarlett and Jo Textured Prom Dress - £75
New Look Red Glitter Box Clutch - £24.99
New Look Red Glitter Platform Shoes - £22.99
Evans Oval Stone Necklace - £25
No7 Eyelashes - £7.50

Typically we all tend to gravitate towards black when we're plus sized, it's flattering for most body shapes and it can be so effortlessly chic that it's a firm winner when picking out your seasonal outfit.  Change up your ideas of an LBD and add a little fun into it with a statement for something different.  I am absolutely head over heels in love with this dress from Scarlett and Jo, the tutu skirt is heavenly and the textured bodice is so on trend right now! I'd pair this with some statement heels and bag (it's all about the glitter for me at the moment, so these ruby red glitter shoes and glitter clutch are perfecto!) but keep it simple with the jewellery to avoid looking like a Christmas tree...

The Glitter Ball

Sequin Peplum Top - £45
Pencil Skirt - £22
Gold Tailor Court Shoes - £35
Gold Glitter Transparent Hard Clutch - £19.99
Black Fake Fur Coat - £70
Wilderness Statement Earrings - £8

If we're gonna go, we're gonna go big.  This season's trends are all about embracing the luxury of fashion and shoving it all in your face, I'm talking sequins, feathers, velvets and fine jewellery!
Embrace the trend and sparkle at your Christmas party in this sequin peplum teamed with a black pencil skirt for a sexy silhouette, throwing on that uh-mazing black feather coat for a dramatically hot look.
I personally love clear box clutches but I know some find it a little un-safe, luckily New Look have you covered and have popped a cute little fabric bag inside the clutch so you can rock the look without worrying about someone eying up your particulars whilst you grab a drink. I'd go full on glitter ball and rock this whole look with gold shoes and chandelier earrings, I want to be noticed when I walk in the room!
Remember to flick your hair over your shoulder as you walk out the door, you diva.

The Transatlantic Trendsetter

Rum and Coke Maya Skirt - $88
River Island Snake Sprint Shoes - £35
River Island Flower Necklace - £15

When it comes to plus size fashion, the States are leaps and bounds ahead of us in what they offer for their more fuller figured ladies.  Sure, it's not picnic in Central Park but it certainly is better for sure.  Whilst perusing my Instagram feed I came across a brand in the states called Rum and Coke, hopped over to their page and my mouth literally dropped to the floor...
If you have time to make a transatlantic order, make sure you grab this outfit whilst it's still available. It's achingly beautiful, the colour is fashion forward for Spring/Summer and you can pretty much guarantee that you'll be the only beaut rocking this emerald green wonder in the room.  The brand teamed this with gold accessories, but I would tout for silver and rock out these snake skin heels from River Island and a statement necklace for uber beauty.

The Trouser Choice

Lana Let Wook Jeans (also in tall) - £40
New Look Sequin Cami - £17.99
Inspire Pink Duster Coat - £15
Camera Bag - £22.99
Yours Clothing Black Shoe Boots - £28

Not everyone likes skirts and dresses, I personally tend to gravitate towards jeans and bottoms myself when I can - I don't have to worry about silky smooth legs before going out or my skirt picking up in the wind and showing my size 24 tooth off to the innocent bystander (ooer).
I love wearing something that's a great shape and is fun without being over/under dressed.  I'm lusting after these wet look jeans from Simply Be (available in tall ladies!) which I think would look stunning with a glitter cami and colourful duster jacket.  Pop it with a statement necklace of your choice, some comfortable shoe boots and a fun clutch to look ready for a night out with friends.  Granted this isn't going to get you into the Ritz, but it might earn you a few drinks at the bar!
This is a great outfit choice when you're running straight from work and haven't got time for the long shower or bath beforehand to pluck, shave, remove and perfect.

So those are my top four outfit picks from what's currently on the market, I've tried to keep it as true to my own spend limits as possible (it's too easy sometimes to day dream!) and tall lady friendly!
What are you planning to wear for the festive season? Have you got any soirees planned?

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