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It's The Simple Things...

Often when I throw on some jeans and a hanky hem t-shirt, I think to myself - really? Really Kim?  Fashion blogger and you're wearing that?  But there's something comforting in just wearing something simple sometimes and heading out on the door, after all the statement necklaces and heels can't be rocked out for all occasions can it?  Shopping in stilettos, house cleaning in pearls or a smear test in a ball gown... totes not worth it.  Anyway, I digress...

I've said before how I feel about how the pressure of wearing 'blogworthy clothes' is only present because I think it, that often I worry far too much about being in vogue instead of simply enjoying what I'm actually wearing instead.  In the words of Elsa - let it go.
So, on this fine Sunday, I happened to be hopping around Dublin on a red bus and being a fully fledged tourist which meant two things - be comfortable, be functional.  I threw on this Ann Harvey longline t-shirt, a pair of Simply Be Chloe jeans and a cardigan from H&M to wander around town

Corr, would you look at that VBO! And, coincidentally, me not giving two friggs about it.  
I adore my Chloe jeans so much, the fit is just superb, so this isn't the first time that you guys would have seen them as part of an outfit post.  They're my go-to for a great fit without compromising on comfort which makes them perfect for wandering around town all day.  Simply Be also sell these in a longer leg length so a major winner for us tall fatties!

I went pretty much make up free on the day for the first time in forever, it was cold and a little dewey outside so I didn't want to worry about eyeliner dripping down my face on the top of the tourist bus.  I simply applied some light foundation and some concealer to cover some nasty spots (hormones, anyone?) and set off for the day with a camera, a bearded man and a tourist pass.  
It was bliss.

So, message of this post? Wear what you want, paint on your face what you want, do what you want. Because ultimately you're the one that has to be happy with what you decide, in all walks of life.

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