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To Fashion Infinity, And Beyond!

Duster jackets are set to be huge this season, and I'm well and truly lusting after a fair few online (H&M charcoal ones? Humana Humana...).  When I saw the Look Magazine galaxy print jacket was down to pennies in the Simply Be end of season sale I had to get it, I'd hovered over the 'add to basket' button so many times but never committed to the £40 price tag - I loved it, but I also love the electricity in my home, know what I'm saying?!
The price rocketed down to a mere £15 and I hit that button as fast as I could before it sold out.  The postie bought it along to my doorstep and I ripped open the package to find this explosion of blue in front of me.

I'm a little bit in love with this outfit, it's so me and everything I'd gravitate towards as a favourite outfit choice for a night out.  I paired this with my black skinny jeans (also Simply Be), a chiffon black top and some flats.  Under normal circumstance I would have cracked out the sparkly blue heels, but as I had driven all day to Leeds prior to this photo I wasn't in the mood for further punishment on my tootsies!
I chose to size up in this jacket as in the past I've found special lines tend to run small, and I'm glad I did.  For £14 this jacket is an absolute steal and a fabulous statement piece for the wardrobe.  Since buying this I've teamed it with skater dresses, midi skirts and even thrown it on over my pants for a quick cover up to hop to the door at 7AM (yes, fashion at all times of the day people. I am a fashionista don'tcha know).
So, moral of the story? Don't pay over the odds when you feel it's too much to justify, but keep a beady eye on it for when a sale comes along or a discount code appears for a smart shop and style steal.

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