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Ink Me, Ink Me Not.

I have such an indecisive mind sometimes that it can often prove expensive, whilst I might be craving a pair of neon heels one week I will have moved onto absolutely needing a pair of doc martins the following week.  My mind flits and changes dependent on my mood, and whilst I do think that's a great thing to have when it comes to outfit choices it can often prove expensive when I hand over the credit card for yet another dress.  
The same happens with tattoos, I'm forever screenshot-ing pretty illustrations on Instagram and talking about which ones I need to adorn my body.  Luckily, whilst perusing the Camden Town website I spotted some beautiful temporary tattoos from Pepper Ink* and had them shipped to my house.

Having not stuck temporary tattoos to myself since I was a young girl (20p insect tatts from the shop, anyone?) I felt a little silly sticking them on my arm at first.  However, it looked pretty darn good!
The tattoo (shipped all the way from Australia!) had really pretty packaging, coming in a little sweetie bag, so would be a lovely addition to a gift set.  For the price of £4 I got two tattoos, a vile of shine remover and a discount code for any future purchases.  The tattoo was super easy to put on, literally taking around thirty seconds, and lasted a whole week on my forearm.  

I've been umm-ing and arr-ing about getting a tattoo on my forearm, something with a little more colour, so this was a great test run to find out how I felt about it.  As much as the tattoo has a beautiful design and is a great quality, it's not leaving me in a rush to head to the nearest parlour to get inked.  
However, it's always fun to play around for a bit without the commitment right?

*Denotes item gifted for review.  All opinions are my own.

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