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Striped Roll Ups (Blog Hop)

I'm a big fan of blog hops, I love reading the Aussie Curve challenges and linking into new blogs that I've yet to discover.  I think this keeps our community fresh, it ignites creativity and inspires you to push your boundaries in your own style.  So when Becky suggested doing a blog hop in the UK I knew I wanted to be involved.
Now, I'm not committing myself every month, you all know how rubbish I am to keeping to deadlines.  I'm ten minutes late for any meetings and always a week late for any reports to be filed... But, I want to say I'm totally in on this and where I can I will be a part of it!

I had a long think about what breaking the rules was to me, we've all seen bloggers touting rule breaking as something we should be embracing and the rules that I once abided by no longer plague my mind as I open up my wardrobe.  Stripes are my friend now.
Personally, my biggest rules are tailored around factors of my body I can't control.  The biggest one for me is the blimming length of it! My height often dictates what I wear, the length of my dresses, shorts, jeans, even tights. Quite often I find myself abiding by 'length rules' in what I wear.
So, for this outfit, I threw that out and I made what should have been a dress work for me in another way...

This dress is from the New Look Inspire range and, according to the website, is designed to sit on the knee.  As you can see from these photos on a tall gal that is definitely not the case! In fact... I would query it on someone of a shorter height...
When rolled down the dress sits on my knicker line, far far too short for me, so I took the dress and ruched it up slightly under the bust to create a longline top with a slight peplum affect.
I teamed my newly created peplum with my fabulous Chloe jeans (if you don't have a pair of these in your life, you need some) and my white daisy shoes from George at Asda.
Throw on one of my favourite pink Zara knock off's (thank you ebay) and a pink tinted lippy and I was ready to roll into town for a spot of shopping.  This was a perfect cool Summer's day outfit, not too smothering to make me break out in a sweat and just warm enough to keep the cardigans at bay when the temperature drops at night.

Ironically, I got this dress/top from Becky via a blog sale, so it seems appropriate that I'm blogging about it for a challenge she's hosting.  I love this outfit so much, I feel comfortable yet chic at the same time - but then stripes and skinnies always make me feel that way.  Very Parisian... Ooh la la ;)
Make sure you get involved in the hop - even if it's clicking through and finding new blogs to read!

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