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Plus North Brand Spotlight: Topsy Curvy

Topsy Curvy isn't a brand that has ever really been on my radar, it just hasn't popped up.  However, the brand is one of our premier sponsors at Plus North and since then I've been perusing the site to only go and find some rather nice items on there.  For our spotlight, the team chose the curvy crazy love skater dress to review and as this type of print was completely out of my comfort zone I decided to push myself a little on photos too...

Obviously, as you can see, the dress is not a dress on me at all and comes up rather short but it's good to remember I am an Amazonian warrior woman.  My legs are of gigantic proportions!
I chose to style this as a tunic instead and stick with my favourite black skinny jeans and red shoes.  This for me is about as casual as I go, I adore jeans and for comfort I pair it with a flowing top generally so even though this isn't a dress I would have picked up in the shop it did ironically fit with my style as such.
The dress is a generous fit due to the type of material, almost a stretchy nylon, so if you're worried about fitting in a larger bust then don't be worried to go for your usual size.  It'll stretch over those lady lumps! For those with a smaller chest I would recommend a size down if you wanted a more fitted look.

I got a little bored of posing for the camera so decided to jump up in the air on the burst of a camera.  My boobs are definitely defying gravity and it's not the most flattering of poses, but I loved it and I love how silly it is... so it's staying put.  Come at me trolls.
Despite being a little dubious about this dress at first I actually quite like how it looks on me, just goes to show you should always try new things and don't turn your nose up at anything without 'hanger appeal'!

Make sure you check out Topsy Curvy and their range online today.
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