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Camden Town In A Floral Crown

When Camden Town got in touch a few weeks back to ask me to review something from their site I was keen to start searching.  I love a little quirkyness and I'm a big champion of supporting independent sellers (I shop at my local butchers, green grocers, etc.) where possible and Camden Town plays host to a load of independent sellers.  So, I had a perusal and made an order with Stephanie Ever After.

The crown, simply put, is beautiful.  It has been beautifully handmade and the time put into this is certainly shown in the quality of the the product.  The roses are individually curled and made out of a sturdy foam like material (no that flimsy stuff you get from Primark) and the underband has been designed to look like ivy. The band is made of metal and sits firmly on the head but doesn't dig into your scalp at all. 
When I first looked at the price of this online I thought that perhaps the £15 price tag was a little high for something that could be picked up from the high street for sufficiently less, however I am now a complete convert and can certainly see where the extra money has gone into making this.  Even the packaging has a charm about it (and has sweets, bonus!) and I wouldn't hesitate in gifting this to someone else.  It's just so beautifully whimiscal! 

Even though Summer is on the way out I genuinely think you can still work this into your wardrobe, going for a more neutral or nude colour means it will work into any outfit and add an instant feminine touch.  It'll look amazing with a floaty dress on warmer days for a pretty look or why not add it with your favourite biker jacket for something a little edgy?
If you're in the market for a flower crown then I urge you to check out Camden Town for one, you will not be disappointed and it'll be something you end up cracking out all year round.  I'm currently wearing it with my pajamas!
I've fallen in love with so many things on the site and really think it brings a slice of London market town to your doorstep, without the need for trudging around the cobbles in the marvellous English weather.  For a site that was completely unknown to me before this post, it's now well and truly on my radar.

Check out Camden Town online now and get something beautiful!

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