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Perspectives Project: JASMINE

Body conscious? Most of us are body conscious whatever our size and weight is.
As a child I had a solid structure, I was fairly heavy for a baby at 9lbs, but I didn’t have an inch of fat on me – just a little cute chubby face. As I grew up, I ate like a lion and was encouraged to do a lot of sports. This set me up with strong core muscles and a slim physique. Throughout my teens I battled with comments from others about what I look like, my size, my weight. In fact, most other people have probably had this battle in their teens too. 
I had it from both ends of the spectrum.

“You’re too skinny, you need to eat more”
“Thunder thighs”
“You need to cut off all your fat parts to be attractive”
“You’re so fat you could sink the Titanic by yourself”
“You’re just skin and bones, there is nothing more to you”

As you can imagine, I was fed up of it!
My weight constantly fluctuates dependant on what I eat, how I exercise and how stressed I am. I was unhappy until I realised that I need to be positive about myself. I need to realise my good aspects and accept that I am who I am. If I needed to change for my health, then I would, but I am perfectly healthy.
One thing that really drives into your life as a teenager nowadays is the media, whether that is social media, magazines, TV adverts or the news. This attacks the views on body image. It targets everyone to find their inner desire to want what they don’t have, to change their bodies for the likes of models and celebrities.
But wanting something you will never have won’t ever make you happy. So make the most of what you have, be yourself and don’t let the jealous judgement of others bring you down; because at the end of the day we’re all beautiful in unique ways and as long as you are healthy and happy, size doesn’t matter.

Jasmine Shearsmith

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