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Kimonos and Culture

There's nothing I love more to do more when in another country than go out and explore.  I love hitting local shopping areas and restaurants to experience culture, I find often that these are the places where locals are more willing to talk with you (perhaps because they want your custom) and educate you on their way of life. On a beautiful Thursday morning we caught the shuttle bus into Antalya, whilst in Turkey, and sought out the 'Old Town' for some bargains.  I needed something floaty and light to combat the heat so I opted for the white dobby dress* that's been hanging in my wardrobe since Marisota kindly sent it over.

I paired this with a cute kimono I picked up from New Look last month (now sold out in most sizes unfortunately) and a pair of daisy shoes from George at Asda, threw on my pink scallop satchel from Asos (affectionately named 'the gay bag' by my other half because it's small, pink and girly) and finished it off with a statement necklace.
Yes, the dress is a little shorter than I go for normally.  Yes, I did put on copious amounts of talc on my inner thighs to prevent the inferno of chub rub that inevitably would come in the absence of leggings.  But hey, it looks cute and I felt great in it on the day!

We had such a great morning out, despite almost passing out from heat exhaustion, and learnt so much!  For instance, with the first sale of the day Turkish sellers have a tradition whereby they throw the money you've passed over on the ground and stamp on it get the evil out.  Then, they have to give a gift to the customer! I was awarded an evil eye brooch for my handbag purchase that morning after a natter with Sinan, the seller, before we headed out to lunch in a local cafe.
Wouldn't it be amazing if this tradition was adopted by British sellers? I'd be first in line at Zara every morning!

What do you like to do on your holidays?

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