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I love trousers and jeans, unlike many of my other bloggers I have spent most of my life avoiding dresses and skirts so when I tug a pair of long ones on it feels super comfortable.  Inevitably being taller is always going to cause issues on length so I try and make things work where I can in order to expand my options.
When I saw the gorgeous Becky and Hollie rocking some tropical print trousers at their Curvissa shoot I was instantly drawn to them.  Having met Becky on several occasions (my twinny!) I know she's the same height as me, so I was pretty excited there was a pair of printed harem pants out there that could fit my longer leg! I lodged my order and waited for them to arrive.

Now, these aren't super long on me and I do have to pull out the additional material (as designed in harem trousers) to make them long enough for me.. but they work, right?
I've worn these trousers to death since buying them over two months ago, they're super comfortable and easy to throw on.  The elasticated waist means they never dig in on my bloated tummy days and can be adjusted to sit high on my stomach or rest of my hips dependent on my mood.
I tend to wear these casually rather than as part of a glamorous outfit, and always with a plain top and flat shoes.  I wore these for dinner one night whilst away (more room for the food babies) and just added a statement necklace to take it a step away from slouch central!  The top is a simple black vest top from Asos and the necklace is a new purchase from River Island.

Apologies for the slightly blurry photos, it seems my camera had issues adjusting to the different light sources on the second floor of the hotel.  

So what do you think of harem trousers? Slouch worthy or dress up for dinner?  

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