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Simply Be Bespoke Tankini Review

I struggle massively when it comes to swimwear, in between having boobs that are the equivalent of bowling balls and a longer body to accommodate, it becomes nigh on impossible to find something that's a great fit without having to compromise something.  It's either boob support but at the cost of a tighter size or a something that fits but leaves my boobs down by ankles.
So when I saw this tankini on the Simply Be website, from the Bespoke range, boasting bra support up to a K cup and stocking up to a size 30 I was keen to give it a go!

The tankini was a good fit, the support was even better.  For the first time in a long time I felt very secure and supported in swimwear!
The tankini top has a wrap over effect, flattering the bust, but I found had a tendency to drag down on the bust.   The fabric tended to need hoisting up when it got wet and was weighed down, but this was easily adjusted and not too much of a bug bear so I was prepared to live with it.  The top has a hidden bra in it with three hooks, the cups are very generous and I found covered my K cups easily, the base of the bra doesn't have much stretch so I would say if you're a size 42K+ then you need to size up to compensate for this.
The pants are generous, with full booty coverage and coming up to my belly button - if you're shorter than me (5'11) then these will sit even higher giving a high waisted effect.  I ordered a size 22, which is the size I choose for underwear, and found it generous.

The important stuff: It fitted my body, it supported my boobs and it didn't fall down when I hoisted myself out of the pool.  The support was that great I even ditched the straps at various points of the holiday and fashioned a bare shoulder!
Overall, if you're a larger breasted gal and you're looking for something that will give you support as well as an overall great fit then go for this tankini set.  The set only comes in black but I switched it up with different bottoms throughout to give it a bit of pow! Also, throw on a kimono for a laid back beach look!
The bespoke range at Simply Be have various pieces for the larger cup so do make sure you hop over for a looksie!

If you're feeling a little apprehensive about your body and getting it out in swimwear this month then  stop! Your body is a temple and the quickest way to get a 'bikini body' is to throw one on.  Trust me, I had a few shifty eyes myself at the pool side before I took the plunge and threw the towel off... and nobody cared, except me.  Just go for it!

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