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Bon Marche Store Visit

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the opening of a refurbished Bon Marche store in Nottingham by the brand.  The brand has been catering for the smaller end of the plus size market since acquired by the Peacocks group in 2002 and has a deep history in retail beyond that (formerly Le Bon Marche - you may have heard reference to this in ITV's Mr Selfridge?).
I'll be honest and say I've never bought from the brand before, assuming it was for a more mature lady, but my interest had been piqued recently by other blogger reviews of the clothing on offer so I was intrigued to see what design layout this store had in their refurb and how they planned to appeal to you a younger audience.  So I jumped in the car and headed out for the East Midlands on a sunny Thursday morning!

The store was not what I expected, it was chic and modern but had vintage twists throughout that would have appealed to their confirmed client base.  The lighting was run on tracking throughout that gave it a fashion runway feel and chandeliers dropped from the ceiling in illuminative glory!
The changing rooms were beautiful! The dressing rooms had been fitted with a new technology in lighting in order to give a more flattering appearance and each room had a hanging basket with your 'essentials' in it - wet wipes, sanitiser, measuring tape - which I thought was such a great touch.  The room was decorated in monochrome, with a full wall photo of Queen Elizabeth partying away in her 30's and chandeliers. The rooms have such a lovely boutique feel that wouldn't be out of place in a swanky London shop on Carnaby Street.

The gorgeous Nicola was my companion for the day and we had many giggles throughout, as well as chatting about the store and the plus size market in general.  We also were lucky enough to have a conflab over a cuppa with the ever fabulous David Emmanuel which was amazing! Such a doll guys, really interested in blogging, the market and people in general!
Nicola and I were gifted an item from the store in return for a blog and we both picked the same item from the David Emmanuel range (another blog post to follow on this), as well as a super goodie bag! How amazing!

If you're in town and haven't given this brand a crack then please hop in - there's something for everyone in this store, the staff are super helpful and the customers around you are really friendly.  Nic and I got some great stories from the older ladies (as well as some pretty decent washing tips!).

Big thank you to Bon Marche for the invite and goodies!

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