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Bank Holiday Stripes

Bank holiday weekends, for me, mean one of two things - either spending the day catching up on bills, personal admin and household chores (snooze) or hitting the road with some disposable cash and some good company.
I spent the bank holiday ignoring the never ending washing basket full of work clothes and choosing to spend time with my other half in our local town.  We had a few bits to pick up so we spent the morning heading into town and having a mini shopping trip before hitting Subway for some delicious sandwich goodness (mmm... ham and turkey with all the gherkins).
I decided to wear the Lovedrobe sweater I recently acquired during the Leeds blogger swap with my favourite turn-ups so I would be comfortable during our jaunt.  As the weather is turning at the moment it was handy to have a light weight sweater to take the chill off too.  Slap on my Ray Ban sunnies and pick up my oversized black leather handbag and I was good to go!

It's worth mentioning that this sweater is actually a size 30, I picked it up with the high hopes of a slouch jumper that I could work in an outfit as over-sized but it's no where near as large as it should be.  I'm a size 22-24 and this is a comfortable fit on me, not tight but equally no where near being oversized.  I've heard other bloggers mention that Lovedrobe are remarkably small on sizing before, but I thought this was a tad excessive!  Still, I think it works as it is in this look.  I've deliberately stretched out the neck line too so that I can wear it off the shoulder as I love that style.
The jumper is really lightweight, with the white sections having an almost fishnet texture and the black being almost like a mesh.  I did feel the need to wear a cami underneath as I wasn't sure the older folk of Redditch would appreciate a silhouette of my massive black bra, but in other circumstances I would forgo the underneath modesty top.

I took the opportunity to crack out the cute necklace I bought from New Look a while back in their sales too, mixing spikes and nautical rope.  I find New Look amazing for statement necklace jewellery, both on price and style, and the chain is long enough to accommodate a fuller neck.
I'm loving simple outfits at the moment, casual things that I throw together that are both functional and stylish. This was only, really, a jumper and trousers but I felt pretty darn good in it as I headed out.

What did you do the bank holiday weekend? Missing it already?!

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