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Popping Out To A Pop Up: AVA by Mark Heyes

Last Thursday I was invited to attend the pop up shop for Marisota to view the new Ava range, designed by fashion TV stylist Mark Heyes.  I took half the day off work and made my merry little way up North with much excitement!
Upon arrival, we were met with a glass of something deliciously fizzy and made aware we could try on anything we wanted in store.  Shapeover experts were on hand to give us a 'shape over' in line with their current campaign style tips and to be our wardrobe assistants.  I love playing dress up, especially when there's some full on massive mirrors on hand, so I was eager to get my mits on the hangers.

The Marisota team introduced us to Mark, who took the time to explain the range and his inspirations for the line to us.  He really took a long time to chat with us and I loved his cheeky charm, he genuinely seems so lovely and funny - I wanted to take him home with me, but alas he would not fit in my goodie bag. Sigh.
I've never been a fan of the 'fruit shape' trend, choosing to wear what I want instead of abiding by a set of rules, but I could see the benefit to the brand's shapeology techniques.  Instead of focusing on what they believed you were, it simply offers beautiful clothes with an added benefit - for example, a dress with scuba material underneath to give a sleeker silhouette or a top that has been fitted for a larger bust.  It frees up fashion to the average shopper who doesn't have as much body confidence as another may have, encouraging different clothes that they would normally shy away from.

Excuse the worn out looks, I'd been travelling a while and it was hot!

After much oo's and arr's from one another, we all agreed that the range had some stunning pieces.  I absolutely adored this sunburnt orange blazer from the main range and was pleasantly surprised by this dress when I placed it on my pins.
I have my eye on quite a few of the items I tried in my shapeover and am genuinely impressed with the range, especially due to the thought and skill that has gone into designing it.  It's shattered my illusions of being for a more mature plus sized lady for sure.

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