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Leopard Print, Cucumber Sandwiches and Dior.

Last weekend I had a jolly on down to Coombe Abbey in Coventry to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday - she had her birthday over two week ago now, but we're still celebrating it... diva much?  She wasn't aware of where we were going or what we were doing, so my brothers and I secretly plotted a delicious afternoon tea at the Abbey as a surprise.
As the venue is a bit posh I needed to make sure I looked the part, smart but sexy.  I believe such a massive part of enjoying something is about feeling comfortable to start with, I didn't need to be tugging down on skirts or blouses in the restaurant whilst I waited for my cake to be delivered.  Whilst perusing the social networks in bed on a Sunday morning (don't pretend you don't either) I saw Katie in a glorious leopard dress and my heart lept.  I saw this around a month ago now and was instantly mesmerized by the print. After telling her how gorgeous it was, Katie dropped the bomb on me that this beautiful thing was from George at Asda and went up to size fat! So, of course, this meant a trip to Asda the next day to procure such a dress.

The check and animal print slouch dress is true to size, I picked up my usual size 22 and it's a good fit.  It is, as you can see, a little short on my taller frame but it's not so short I can't pair it with some leggings to avoid flashing my toosh.  It's also not so generous on the bust, I had to hold the under bust seam in place with a waist belt to avoid it riding up and creating that pregnant look.
Putting that aside, I love the print on this dress - it's one of those dresses that has such a subtle splash of different colours and be customized with anything.  I'm envisaging wearing this dress with a sunshine yellow cardigan for when I'm feeling bright and cheery in the Summer!
Today however I teamed this with my Simply Be tall fit blazer, my tall Asos Curve leggings and Asos mesh ballet pumps.  As the day got brighter and gloriously sunnier I cracked out the vintage Dior sunglasses I invested in for my holiday (thank you eBay!) for a test run.
I felt amazing in this outfit and my other half even commented how pretty I looked as I walked out the door, which to me normally means I look pretty fantastic as he doesn't comment most of the time ('You always look gorgeous though babe' Gaaah! <3)

Coombe Abbey is a simply stunning venue and if you're ever in the Midlands I strongly recommend making a visit.  If you're strapped for cash you can walk around the park and Abbey gardens for free, or if you're looking for a treat then check in for an afternoon tea for anywhere between £10-19 each.

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