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Unless you live under a rock, you will have undoubtedly seen the trend on social media for posting a selfie wearing no make in aid of cancer research.  The initial campaign was set up to brave your morning face and then donate to the charity, but unfortunately through it's popularity it increasingly consisted of people who posted the picture and then forgot about the latter.
Through a conversation about this on twitter, a few bloggers decided to start up a different campaign of our own - the #IDONATED campaign.  We would all write a short blog post on our charity of choice, explain why we chose to donate to them and hope that this would encourage others to be charitable themselves.

I know it's statistically more likely that most people have been affected by cancer in their life time, whether that be themselves that are diagnosed or a loved one, but I often find that supporting something because it's popular doesn't leave you with that passion or warm glow of doing something for a cause you believe in.  Yes, of course I support cancer charities (who wouldn't?) but I'm more inclined to spend my money elsewhere and towards a charity that supports people with special needs.
Having grown up with a sibling with additional needs, and then consequently been thrown into a world of people with similar needs, I see the day to day challenge for some and the continuous push of people around them to give them the environment they need, want and deserve.

This month I have decided to make a donation to Mencap, a UK charity that works in partnership with people who have a learning disability and provide support services to aid the in living the life they choose to.  I'm passionate that anyone, with any kind of disability or additional need, deserve to live the life they want and are entitled to, and Mencap are one of the leading charities in this country to aid in that battle.

I'm passionate about equality amongst people with additional needs and their entitlement to services that they require, far beyond that of any other cause.  It's something that's close to my heart, I see the direct consequences of changes in legislation (for both the good and the bad) and I'm grateful of charities/spokespersons around the country who act on the behalf of this group of amazing people.

Being a sibling of someone with special needs has not only enlightened me to the plight of those less 'fortunate' but also has taught me to be kind, to be thoughtful, to be non judgmental and to smile as much as possible every day.

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