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You Beauty Box: March

Hey chaps! My March You Beauty box landed yesterday so I thought I'd share with you what I got this month.
This month the two products I chose were the Glyco face wash and Paul Mitchell dry wash spray.  I've been trying to find a balanced wash for my overly sensitive and damaged skin for a while, so when I saw that the Glyco wash promised to remove impurities and accelerate skin cell renewal I was keen to give it a try. I also wanted to try out a dry hair shampoo brand that wasn't Baptiste, so Paul Mitchell dry wash was appealing too.

This month, our tasty treat product was some flavoured tea from Dragon Fly.  Now, I like my brew, but I like it proper (as mom would say) and that's a tea bag, hot water and a splash of milk, not this fancy pants scented stuff.  I'll give one a go but, to be honest, it'll probably end up on my colleague's desk at work instead.
The surprise product this month was something from the vintage cosmetics company, either a set of lashes, toe seperators or a pair of tweezers.  Whilst I was keeping my fingers crossed it would be the lashes (and not the seperators) I ended up with the tweezers - I was a little sad but, to be honest, I'll use them so it's not a total loss.

Overall, I'm yet again pleased with the quality of products inside the box this month.  I love that you can pick two of your products and have an element of control over what you get, there's less disappointment that way.  I also think it's fantastic value for money!

Box Cost: £6.95
Box Value: £30.35
Glyco Wash - £18
Paul Mitchell Dry Wash - £4.22 (approx)
Vintage Tweezers - £8
Dragon Fly Tea - £0.13 (approx)

I've filmed a box opening over on my YouTube channel for those of you who are interested in checking it out (and hearing my West Midlands dulcet tones) so check it out!  This month I'm also giving you chaps the chance to win one month's box. All you have to do is enter in the raffle copter below and the winner will be announced three days before April's products go live on April 1st! 

Good luck! 

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