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Tartan Tart

Just thought I'd drop by and share with you what I wore to Birmingham International Fashion Week, as you may have caught a glimpse in a previous post I did.
The invite said formal wear, but it was ridiculously freezing outside and I wasn't going to get my legs out for anyone so I opted for a all black look instead.  I threw on my leather jeans (which I am loving at the moment) with a tartan chiffon blouse from George, finishing off with a blazer from the tall range at Simply Be and mesh insert flats from Asos.

This look is simple and easy to wear, the chiffon material of this blouse softens the print and makes it seem less lumberjack and the pointed flats add a degree of femininity to the outfit.  I think it's so hard sometimes to balance an outfit out so it doesn't seem to masculine (unintentionally) when teaming strong prints, like tartan, so I try to experiment with textures and shapes to do that.  I'd love to have had the kahunas to just wear a bra underneath the shirt, I think it would look so gorgeous!
Word to wise on these shoes, they're gorgeous but they hurt.  If you have a slightly wider foot like I, then these will be a squeeze - but they're gorgeous and I do love a pointed flat shoe.  So they'll stay!
I kept it simple on the accessories, my leather and gold statement necklace (past season Primark) and my trusty burgundy satchel (past season New Look) with a smoky eye on the face.


Make sure you check out the vlog (and blog post) of the night!

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