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Red Carpet Look

I love the awards season, not so much for the ceremonies and accolades but more so for the red carpet fashion.  The crimson walk is very much the place to be seen and, in turn, the place to look your best.  Being a larger woman (and not have the bank account of Kate Winslet) I can only drool over the Valentino lace gowns, the Burberry tailored bodycons and the Prada prom dresses.  I am that girl that records the entire ceremony to sit and watch in daylight hours, in my prom dress and munching on a whole bar of Dairy Milk (Miss Haversham meets Bruce Bogtrotter?).

When Fashion World got in touch recently to ask me to put together an 'Oscar worthy dress' I jumped at it, clapping my hands and squeeling like a little girl who's just been given the keys to Ponyland.  I raced over to the Fashion World website and picked out four choices of dress, so I could be surprised with what was being sent in the post.  A trend we've seen on the carpet more this year is the apperance of a shorter dress on younger women, actors such as Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz, so I wanted to embrace that.

I adore this pink dress from Grazia, just adore it. The pop of hot pink against the black lace takes this dress from pretty to stunning, the chiffon skirt makes it current yet feminine and the key hole peek through the front of the top allows you to show of a little cleavage without bearing it all.
The fit is fantastic, it sculpts around my chest and flairs out on the skirt like it was designed to do so.  I did size up in this, purely to pre-empt a restrictive bust in my usual size but I could have stuck to my normal size as it was generous.  Also, the belt actually fits! It seems silly to say that, but so often I've bought a plus size dress to find the belt on it was for a straight sized fit (which seems just ridiculous).
This is my first item from the Grazia range and I am so so impressed with it's style and quality.  I've certainly got my eye on a few other items from the range.  It was, by far, my best choice of dress and I'm so glad I've been lucky enough to have been gifted it.
When I saw this quilted jacket online a while back on Fashion World's website I fell in love, I instantly saw it being paired with a pencil skirt and crisp white top for an alternative stylish office look.  So when Jay surprised me by sending it along with the dress I starting dancing around my lounge (literally).  I think this looks adorable with the dress, it gives the dress a fun twist without over shadowing the outfit itself.

I paired this with a pair of Beth Ditto shoes (from my wardrobe), a patent black clutch and some simple earrings to compliment the outfit. I know it's very red carpet to rock out the bling but I felt the high neck line wouldn't suit a necklace so I kept it simple.  Perhaps, looking at this, a Tiffanys bangle would have looked fabulous... I always feel glamorous when I do a flicked eyeliner and built up lashes, so I paired that with a subtle pink lip.
I am so in love with this outfit, I can't begin to tell you. I think I may sit in my living room in this, with a bottle of champagne and some ferrero roche whilst watching the red carpet on E! tonight.

Thank you to Fashion World for letting me be part of this challenge!

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