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Birmingham Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to be given a press pass to Birmingham International Fashion Week last Friday, which gave me access all areas to the two day event in the Midlands.  In it's second year, Birmingham hosts the event that sees independent fashion designers walk the runway and beauty brands flock to the networking area to hand out samples and do demonstrations.
The event is run over two days, but being the busy girl I am I could only attend the one night - so I opted to take half a day off work and hop on the train into Birmingham (I loved that it was only 45 minutes away!).

When I got there, the event was in full swing and the runway was occupied by Khloe Nova, so I occupied myself with the beauty area until the show ended (to grab a seat).  There were a small amount of stores in the networking area, mostly selling beauty products or vintage clothing, and I volunteered my friend for a make over whilst I networked with representatives and sales reps.
During the networking event I bumped into some other bloggers, Catherine and Fay, where we nattered about the event, what communities we 'belong to' and shared our love for particular blogs - which was lovely! I've ventured into a few they recommended, make sure you check them out - it's good to step out of your blogger comfort zone every now and again.

After a couple of hours of watching the catwalk, the event finished and we grabbed our goody bag and headed for the train station.  Sometimes, a caramel latte and a good natter with your best friend is the best part of the evening.  We had a blast at the event, despite there being nothing on the stage that was plus size I can appreciate the fashion in front of me and the effort that the organizers had gone to to bring some couture into the Midlands.

As well as taking along my best friend, I also took the camera along and vlogged bits throughout the event - as well as giving you first impressions and a sneak peek into the goodie bag - so make sure you hit play on the video below to hop over to YouTube.

A big thank you to Birmingham International Fashion Week for inviting me the event!

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