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On Sunday I bounced my butt over to the LG Arena in Birmingham to see Beyonce in concert.  My friend and I had seen a snippet of her tour at V Festival last year and were blownn away, so we agreed that should tickets become available for anywhere near home (the Midlands) then we would grab them.   Luckily, we were one of the few that managed to grab a pair before they sold out in 11 minutes!

As I'm having a frugal couple of months in order to curve my spending and focus on holidays we want to go on this year, I delved into my wardrobe and put together an outfit from pieces I already have.

I was going for a simply rock chic look whilst being practical.  Heels and big jackets were out, I'd only end up throwing my coat on the floor and kicking off my heels to dance around. I decided to pair my leather look jeans from Marisota* and a chiffon black top from Live Unlimited (that I recently acquired in a blog sale from Mrs Bebe) with a pair of red flats for a pop of colour.  Of course, I added a statement necklace and a red lip for a pop of glamour.  I also backcombed and dried my hair for an unkept hair style.
You may have noticed my hair is lighter at the ends, I tried a subtle dip dye the last time I hit the hairdressers and I'm gradually going to be going lighter throughout the Summer.  My Aunt said to me a while back that every girl should be blonde at least once in their life, and at the time I dismissed it - I've always had chocolate hair colouring and dark features, so it didn't seem 'right' for me, but now I'm starting to reconsider...
I love how simple this look is, yet I felt amazing in it - especially as this is something I wouldn't have even have had the confidence to wear over 12 months ago, funny how your outlook changes when your body confidence is boosted, huh?

And Beyonce? Phenomenal.

*Items gifted for a previous post.

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