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Last October I was amongst the many that applied for the Access All Asos programme that would allow the lucky bloggers to have a first preview on lines, invitations to fun events and access to some amazing goodies.  I submitted my application, crossed my fingers and hoped for an email to drop into my inbox with the golden keys to the kingdom..
And it did! I was body popping around my living room in excitement whilst reading my welcome email from Asos.

Asos also promised a little goodie box in the post, because they're amazing like that, so I sat impatiently at home over the next week for my delivery.  I was on first name terms with the postman by the time by package came and John (postie) was I think as excited to have me off his back as I was to open my box.
The lovely Penny had packaged my box beautifully and sent me a hand written note to welcome me to the club, gifting me with some pens and a foxy journal for my writing.  It's obvious looking through my box, and others on Instagram, that Asos have really taken the time to go through people's social media feeds to find their hobbies and gift something they would love.

I'm so excited to be part of the programme and I intend to throw myself into it, blogging every detail as I go along.  It seems that Asos have recruiting a fair few plus size bloggers this time around to - Mrs Bebe, Becky, Beka, Emma and Nancy are all going to be cruising alongside me in this adventure.  Fierce and fat.

Big thanks to Asos for the lovely gift and, of course, letting me be an Asos Insider!

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