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Violeta by MANGO Launch

When Mango announced last year that they'd be releasing a plus size collection in 2014, I was amongst the many bloggers who started clapping their hands and squeeling like a little girl.  Mango is one of those brands that you just associate with class, sophistication and, yes, expense.  If you have a wardrobe with Mango in it then you, my friend, are one classy wench.  I've been super excite about this debut for months!
The collection premiered online yesterday so I, of course, had to hit the website whilst lying in bed before getting up to have a peruse of the lines.  I have to say, at first I was a little disappointed.  It just seemed a little... blah.  Not in an awful way, I knew the line would be superbly cut and have beautiful fabrics, it was just a little safe and neutral.

Later the same day, I took a second look at the site and found that products were beginning to emerge for me that didn't have that appeal earlier.  Rather than look at the line for statement pieces, I looked through my work eyes and imagined my work wear wardrobe.
The line ranges from sizes 18 to 24, so if you're larger gal or need that bit of extra room then this isn't going to be suitable for you at all.  I'd be interested to see the sizing on the garments, as my slimmer counterparts have pointed out to me that Mango tend to be on the small size in the straight lines.  Prices range from £9.99 for a basic strap top or t-shirt to a whopping £149.99 for one of the leather jackets on offer, if you're after a two piece or dress then I'd save your pennies and budget around £70-90 for the privilege of having the label on the seam!
Impressively, Mango have gone big on the size of the collection and released 180 items of clothing for you to look over!

I can only describe this line as professional chic, it's not what I'd go to for a night out or to feel fabulous in but I would hit the site for that interview or high powered meeting.  For me personally, this line doesn't suit my work lifestyle (or bank balance) right now, you'd have to be able to put these beautiful pieces to use every day, so it's not a line that will be gracing my wardrobe just yet. Maybe in a couple of years time, when the designs have developed and my career has taken off, you will see me in a Mango three piece.

Check out the collection online now and make your own judgement! 
Chic or Bleak?

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