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Plus Size Male: Gangsta's Paradise

I've been trying to convince my chap to do an outfit post on the blog for a while now, but being the man who never dotes on attention (more for me) he hasn't been up for it.  That was, until it came to the Christmas party...
Last weekend saw my other half going to the works Christmas party, a bit of a style challenge at the best of times but made even more difficult by the presence of a theme... The theme of the party was Great Gatsby, so our first step was to watch the film and snuggle up with some popcorn on the sofa.  Brimming full of inspiration, James started to look around for a black and white number that was effective, on budget and looked the part.  There were prizes to be had for best dressed, it was time to suit up!

James decided to go for a classical 1920's mobster look as it was easy to emulate and we could use items he already had in his wardrobe for the look.  We made full use of the suit in the wardrobe, a Debenhams special, as it was pin striped and looked great when accessorised.  Teaming it with a black shirt (Clothing at Tesco), pure white tie (Matalan) and white braces (Asos Men) for the top half of the outfit, all we needed now was some amazing shoes.
James found these amazing Gangsta Shoes from, which just made the outfit.  I love these shoes, I would wear them everyday myself if I could - I'd feel like Lionel Richie (I did ask James to do a tap dance in the kitchen for me, but it wasn't quite up to Lionel's standards). Finally, the outfit was topped off with a fedora from eBay and it was time for him to go to the mattresses.

James found the braces to be a fantastic fit, the cross at the back gave great support when wearing it and the braces were elasticated so they were comfortable throughout the evening.  Being a plus sized chap, we were concerned about sizing with Asos when ordered from the straight range - a black shirt didn't make the cut,  but these braces certainly stayed.
The shoes were a little tight during the night, but they were comfortable enough to wear for dancing and throwing back a bottle of champagne or two.  As they're dress shoes it's not a pair that will come out often anyway, especially with the bold design, so it's worth the price we paid.  Also, how many times do women squeeze into shoes because they're just too gorgeous not to fit?! I know I have certainly paid with blisters to look good...

So that's it, a plus sized male 1920's look - what do you think?  I think he looks rather dapper for his night out, he may not have won best dressed on the night but the effort he made into this outfit makes me love it (and him) even more.

What do you think of the look? Would you like to see more male plus sized posts?

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