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Plus London 2013

Last week I made my merry way down to London for the annual event of Plus London. I'd managed to swing some first class tickets on my train which were actually cheaper than a standard return, bonus, so I enjoyed a quiet ride up at 7AM with a lovely complimentary coffee whilst I applied make-up to my zombie washed face!  Meeting up with my blogger twin, Becca, we had a spot of breakfast at Ed's in Euston before boarding the tube to travel to Hoxton for the meet up.

We arrived at the slinky Hoxton Arches, somewhere I imagine where loads of art exhibitions are held, to a room full of buxom beauties and brilliant brands.  The room was packed with people to speak to and things to see, so we got networking and totally lost two or three hours of time chatting away...

Simply Be had an amazing artist at the event, Clym, who (after being told he needed to do it immediately) did an amazing illustration of me mid-conversation with Laura and Becky.  I love it that much, I plan to frame it and put it next to my PC in the study we're planning at home for my continuing studies next year.  I just love the way that he's captured my dress and double chin! If you have time chaps, check him out - he is amazing.
Betty was also on site with her pamper box beautifying ladies throughout the event with her vintage charm, whenever someone passed by with victory rolls or fierce red lips you knew they'd been Betty'd.  How gorgeous did you all look? Hello!

After wittering on about getting measured properly for a while on twitter, I took Curvy Kate up on their offer to fit my bra size.  I was, of course, wearing the wrong size and after much groping and whipping out of boobs I discovered that my glorious lady lumps are a staggering 40KK.  Yes boys. My milkshake scares all the boys from the yard... So, that's an investment I'll be looking to make pretty soon.
I took my newly discovered boobs and flaunted my curves in front of the photographer positioned front of house. Becca had booked us in for a mini photo session with the photographers on site and I was more than keen to get my Kate Mosse pose going and pout for the lense.
It's amazing how much more confident you feel when you're completely comfortable in your surroundings. I've remarked before to other bloggers how at ease I feel with them, despite only meeting once or twice, but I do things without second-guessing them.  For instance, I was happy to whip out my ta-ta's in their full glory with another blogger standing next to me in a fitting room.

After a spot of lunch at a local Turkish spot, I headed back to the venue for some brand presentations from Simply Be and Black Heart Creatives.  I always love seeing what brands have got upcoming and, more importantly, how they're engaging with their customers to bring the best lines forward. Simply Be are especially amazing at this, forever pushing the boundaries of what they offer for the plus sized woman without compromising on quality. It's worth checking out their Facebook page as they've always got some kind of competition running!
There's been a bit of heat on the twittersphere, with fears of members of the community seeking out these types of events for commercial gain and opportunity only, rather than the benefits of sharing, inspiration and confidence.  Whilst I take the point that on the face of it, it must seem this way, I think there has been an oversight in that not everyone can afford the costs associated with a weekend in London and that (I would like to think) efforts were made to attend where it was affordable.
The event was a roaring success and the ladies at Plus London HQ certainly have worked extremely hard to bring such a fantastic event together. I know I haven't covered everything in this post, there's far too much to remember to be honest!  I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the day and collapsed into my bed that night with a smile on my face.

Thank you Plus London!

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