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Jacuzzi Dayz

Whilst I was on annual leave last month I was treated to a fabulous spa day from the bestie, something of which I never had the confidence to do before.  It may sound stupid, but I always felt that the spa was a place for the skinny and beautiful and my extra large backside was not a welcome presence amongst them.  Whenever you see any kind of marketing for spa it's always adorned with beautiful women, all with perfect skin and flowing blonde hair, basking in the glow of the jacuzzi lights - but then, this is an extension of the beauty industry so should I really be surprised?
Being pushed into a gift, carefully chosen by my loving friend, I decide to get my metaphorical balls in my handbag and man up to go to the spa.  In my swimsuit. In front of people. Errrr.....
Once I got to the spa and submerged myself into the safety of a warm jacuzzi tub, I started to relax.  This particular spa was a woman's only resort and had such a diverse range of woman all shapes and sizes - the size 8 girl next to our tub looked just as nervous as I did when she took her robe off.  It got me thinking, if someone with such a slimmer body was nervous about shedding her clothes in front of others then why should I believe that only the larger ladies would be judged... we're all women.
After my epiphany I was ready to let my fat rolls loose on the world, taking everything off for a full body massage and even getting out my private bits for a bikini wax. Falling asleep on the massage table wasn't part of the plan though...!

My god... that's what I look like without make up!

Everyone at the spa was so lovely, staff constantly coming around to check everything was ok and if we needed drinks top ups, other spa-ers (spaists?) making conversation and generally having a good time.
I wanted to share this experience because I want to encourage anyone these same fears to face it head on and just embrace the day.  Once I'd got over my insecurities I had the most wonderful day... and you can too.

Thank you to Wye Valley Spa for making this larger girl feel so welcome and comfortable (and of course my friend for treating me!)

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