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Christmas Is Coming...

This month's blog challenge is the theme of 'Christmas is Coming', and in true festive style I've been too busy to knock up a Christmas themed outfit.  Yeah, I know, snooze off Kim.
However, like many of you out there, I'm finding it rather hard to juggle work and home commitments this time of year and December is not going to be letting up on that.  In light of this, I thought I'd throw a little inspiration post out there for all you fellow commit-a-holics and take the ease of jumper shopping for the festive season.

Christmas jumpers have become some what of a fashion trend, with stores stocking up in October ready for the rush of women who want to get the sweetest, yet tackiest, jumpers going to celebrate the festive season in.  Honestly, I don't have any such desire to start sporting tinsel ta-ta's or wear flashing earrings that chime a Christmas tune, but with what's emerged onto the high street I might be swayed to pop on a winter woolie.

After being introduced to the wondrous lines at Asda this season by another blogger, I've become a little bit obsessed with their great style for great price points. I adore their woven cape online at the moment, at a fractional cost of just £18 - purse friendly! They've also got a variety of festive jumpers online, but I really like this deer print one.
This cardigan from Joanna Hope has such a glamorous vintage feel about it, it screams Gatsby and would just complete a vintage look if you have any themed parties this Christmas.  It's a stonker at £65, but if you love that look then it's a great investment with the line being known for such fantastic quality.
I love a bit of ping-wings (penguins) so this cutey little jumper from Evans is well up my street, and it has the added bonus of not being too Christmas themed so it can make an appearance whenever it's chilly all year round.

So these are my winter wooly crushes right now!
What are you currently coveting? Are you going to take the Christmas jumper challenge?

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