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The Coat of Dreams

As I've mentioned in a previous post, coats and I generally don't get on, but when I walked into my newly refurbished clothing section at Tesco it was pretty hard not to leave without this...

How ridiculously gorgeous is this coat?  I mean, I would happily be buried in this coat.
I love the PU sleeves, the charcoal tailored fit, the zips and the sheep skin collar - everything just screamed at me to buy it.  But, alas, it was a week and a half before payday and this blogger left Tesco a sad puppy, unable to afford the £50 price tag.
That is until my boyfriend sneakily went and ordered it online for my birthday!

My partner picked up this coat in a 22, the end of the sizing line for this coat, and I won't lie - it's tight around my bust but I never do up my coats so it's not an issue for me at all.  It's very generous on the width of the arms too, so it doesn't feel like my upper arms have their circulation cut off, and it's really toasty too.  I love how the coat looks with jeans and an ankle boot - I felt so stylish and chic strutting around in the leaves!  This coat is channelling so many trends this season!
Last Winter I very much stuck to the plus size ranges, rather than trying on anything that wasn't marketed for me necessarily, so I'm glad that my partner has taken the plunge for me this year (and it shows he's actually listening to me and my fashion ramblings... just a little...).

Thank you James.

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